38 Iconic Moments In Snowboard History

A look at some of the key moments that have shaped snowboarding into what it is today

Iconic-Moments-FeaturedThe study of human history is a funny old field. Since very few of us actually witnessed the big events, most of what we know about them is from what people tell us, and as we all know, people are occasionally (and some more frequently than others) full of shit. As Winston Churchill was once credited as saying: ‘history is written by the victors’ and half of them are as dull as mud.

Luckily for us, a lot of the characters in snowboard history are still alive, and these days, their highs and lows are paraded around in front of us all over the interwebs. Of course, we may not always know what was really going on behind the scenes, but we can still tell snowboarding’s story with a little more confidence. And we can surely agree on a few of the key moments that shaped it into what it is today.

So without any further ado, here are our top 38. Of course we couldn’t cover everything, but these moments are some that we consider pretty iconic over the course of snowboarding’s relatively short history. We’re not putting them in order of importance though – that’s for you to decide…

  1. Keith

    i feel like halldor should be on this list somewhere…

  2. Oscar

    Yeah, maybe in ten years.

  3. Teo

    I was there in -96 and I’m still snowboarding every weekend in the winters.i

  4. Brandon

    JP did the first double cork. Should probably mention his and Jeremy’s influence as well as Love/Hate’s obvious influence. And Scott E Wittlake


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