20 Snowboard Events to Look Out for in 2013/14

Zurich’s start of season snow festival: Freestyle CH dropped on the 21st of September this year with a legendary big air comp. CH continue their alternative scoring system in 2013, with qualifying being based on separate runs for Style and Tech, which then merge together for the best overall run in the final group of 4 athletes. Last year’s winner Chas Guldemond was unregistered for this year, so the opening was there for Antoine Truchon to take the title in Zurich.

Other than the main event, Freestyle also hosts an audience-judged crossover comp with 4 representatives chosen from each of the four sports: Snowboard, Freeski, MTB and FMX. Also, new for this year’s set-up, there was the inclusion of The Laax Urban Stairset, which was open to the public. Something for everyone!