10 Well Known Snowboarders who don’t have a Board Sponsor (But Totally Should)

Former board sponsor: DC

Current sponsors: Rockstar, Under Armour, Electric, Neff

Chas Guldemond is another slopestyle force who has been killing it on the competition circuit for years. At only 26 he’s young by most people’s standards, but in snowboarding, is pretty much considered a slopestyle veteran. Among his many accolades he’s won the Arctic Challenge and X Games Europe and also has a first place finish on the World Snowboard Tour slopestyle rankings under his belt. Best of all, he rides every comp he enters with a massive grin on his face.

Chas used to be on the DC team but was dropped shortly before he started truly bossing it in comps. We wonder if they ever regretted that decision… Soon after, American energy drink brand Rockstar started hooking him up with branded snowboards.

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