10 Well Known Snowboarders who don’t have a Board Sponsor (But Totally Should)

Former board sponsor: Forum

Current sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Vans

Pat Moore is yet another former Forum rider who wasn’t immediately snapped up by a new board sponsor. Pat is one of only a handful of snowboarders who can send it equally hard in the streets as he does in the backcountry. This year he filmed not just one, but two X Games Real Snow parts (in both street and backcountry) and has shown no sign whatsoever of taking his foot off the proverbial gas pedal.

It would have been a straight-up outrage if Pat had remained totally sponsor-less after the retirement of Forum, but thankfully he was snapped up by Vans and Volcom – who sort him out with outerwear and Volcom branded snowboards, (although technically they’re not really a snowboard producing brand).