10 Well Known Snowboarders who don’t have a Board Sponsor (But Totally Should)

Former board sponsor: Weekend Snowboards

Current sponsors: Red Bull, Oakley, 3CS

Finn number two in our list and another rider who’s simply far too sick on a snowboard not to have a proper board sponsor is Heikki Sorsa.

Back in the day, Heikki used to ride for Burton, before signing to Weekend Snowboards, which is sadly no more. While brands have come and gone, Heikki still goes as big as ever in the streets, park and backcountry. If you needed any more proof of that fact, we’d swiftly direct you to his 2013 Cooking With Gas full part (above). There aren’t many guys in the world who go as big in the streets as Heikki does.

It looks like Mr. Sorsa may be being hooked up by YES snowboards at the moment but considering his absence from their team page, we doubt they’ve signed an actual sponsorship deal.

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