5. Yelling at things that can't hear us... a lot.

Most regular folk have experienced the uncontrollable frustration you get at printers or tv remotes that decide not to work when you need them most. And most would be a little embarrassed if another human saw their little hissy fit…

For us snowboarders though, it’s perfectly normal to lose our shit at a handrail, chuck our board at a wall, or generally rage on an inanimate object in a busy pedestrian area that: 1) can’t hear us 2) can’t respond and 3) is not the reason we suck.

  1. Josh

    Eating instant noodles for every meal, but wear all the top gear!

  2. Josh H

    HA thats my life. Or wearing 4 year old vans with holes but have 4 pairs of boots for every condition.

  3. kyle

    i think this shot was taken in my hometown calgary


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