2. Wearing caps and beanies indoors, like, all the time

Regular people just don’t understand our fascination with headwear. No, we don’t have a bald patch under there, and yes, we are a little hot wearing our beanies in here thanks to you sweaty mugs, but chucking that hat on in the morning and rocking it, is kinda our way of showing the world that we do rad stuff, and we’re a little different to you and your suit collection. Plus my hair looks like shit today.

  1. Josh

    Eating instant noodles for every meal, but wear all the top gear!

  2. Josh H

    HA thats my life. Or wearing 4 year old vans with holes but have 4 pairs of boots for every condition.

  3. kyle

    i think this shot was taken in my hometown calgary


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