11. Getting seriously bummed when you can't snowboard on a powder day

Being injured, sick, or at work sucks full stop. But most ‘regular’ folk will never be able to properly understand the amount of frustration/depression caused when it’s a bluebird powder day and you’re stuck cleaning hotel rooms, stacking shelves to pay your rent or sitting at home in a cast after owning yourself on some stupid park rail…

Can you folk think of any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section below and if we can face cutting out more snowboarders’ mugs we might animate the best ones.

  1. Josh

    Eating instant noodles for every meal, but wear all the top gear!

  2. Josh H

    HA thats my life. Or wearing 4 year old vans with holes but have 4 pairs of boots for every condition.

  3. kyle

    i think this shot was taken in my hometown calgary


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