11 Things Snowboarders Do That 'Regular People' Don't Understand

Jed Anderson sure knows why he’s switch lipsliding through a quad kink but would a regular person get it? Photo: Oli Gagnon

To regular people like your postman, teacher, mom and even a bunch of your friends, it must seem like snowboarders do some pretty weird things. From our fascination with powder to our geeking out over street spots and tricks, it’s all stuff that’s hard wired into our behaviour as snowboarders. Here are ten things that snowboarders do that ‘regular people’ just don’t understand, illustrated via a series of rough and ready stop motion animations: Vine Animations by Mike Brindley 

  1. Josh

    Eating instant noodles for every meal, but wear all the top gear!

  2. Josh H

    HA thats my life. Or wearing 4 year old vans with holes but have 4 pairs of boots for every condition.

  3. kyle

    i think this shot was taken in my hometown calgary


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