10 Snowboarders with Sick Instagrams You Should Follow Right Now

Yalda Walter Yalda Walter

onboardIf Instagram was a human being, by now it would have barely learnt how to walk without seeming like a boozed up idiot. But looking at the multi-billion dollar business it has become, it might be a bit more skilled than an infant.

Back in the days, if you knew a celebrity’s every move, the furniture in their apartment, the dinner they just had or the family gathering they attended, it was considered stalking. Thank god, we’re out of that illegal grey-zone, because nowadays, they’re happily presenting all of this to us on a silver platter called Instagram.

When we at Onboard talk about celebrity, we don’t mean Kim Kardashian and her ginormous butt, but our beloved fellow snowboarders. Even though you don’t have to actually be a good photographer to make your life seem interesting, given the many filters Instagram offers you to tidy up your shitty images, pro snowboarders wouldn’t really need them anyways, because their rock star lives of travelling, partying and being cheered on by fans is appealing enough for the everyday user.

At the Onboard office, we spend our days working our fingers to the bone but sometimes even we need a break, where we can let loose of our heavy tasks and stare at pretty photos for a while.

Sharing is caring, so here’s a list of our top ten pro-snowboarder Instagrams to follow.


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