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3. Roxy Silhouette Banana

3. Roxy Silhouette Banana

Mike Brindley Mike Brindley


SIZES: 141/145/148/151
SHAPE: True Twin

Roxy’s Silhouette Banana is a progression driven rocker board that will do a whole lot more than just take you from A to B. One for the ladies, this is part of the Roxy range built in Seattle by the same guys who make Lib Tech and Gnu boards.

The profile on this is reverse camber between the bindings, then flat from the bindings to the tip and tail, making it a smooth catch free ride. Triax glass and a true twin shape mean its interesting for intermediate riders too, keeping it responsive and versatile so you can build up your switch riding or just get out exploring. These combined with a soft flex make it ideal for building up your freestyle trick-book


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