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Goofy vs. Regular Snowboarding Riding Styles Infographic

Goofy vs. Regular Snowboarding Riding Styles Infographic

Peep this nifty snowboard infographic thingy that our sister site Mpora have pulled together, it’s pretty interesting stuff…

Ever wondered why more people are regular footed than goofy footed? Or where the term goofy actually comes from? Scroll on and all will be revealed…goofy-infographicTo much information it absorb at once? Go get lost in some snowboard videos over at Mpora.

  1. Markus Aleksander Wulff

    Louif Paradis is regular, not goofy!

  2. chucky

    As most surfers originally surfed left foot forward, “goofy” simply stems from right foot forward being considered somewhat abnormal.

    (Incidentally, the Disney character surfed both right AND left foot forward in the 1937 animation, “Hawaiian Holiday”)

  3. George Chesterfield

    Shaun White should have been in the Pipe category; it’s almost the only thing he rides now.

  4. Bjoern Aeschlimann

    Are you controlling a snowboard with your back foot? Steering comes from lower body, whole body, upper body steering or from counter rotation between lower and upper body.

    Thanks for kicking the back foot around.


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