Gif Us More: Stevens, Oksanen and some Paintball

As a week of snowboard videos draws to an end we sat down and rehashed the best clips from onboardmag.com as convenient short gif animations. We will hopefully continue this all-new regular each Friday, and if there is anything snowboard related you want to see as an animated gif let us know in the comments.

1. Scott Stevens in Bode-Man and Sleepy do a few laps at Brighton

Scotty Stevens is your man for absurd flat tricks on a snowboard. Here he goes again. We call this a switch boneless to front lip 270 off, but we’re not sure, either.

2. Ethan Morgan and Mario Kaeppeli in EthanVsMario

We’re not sure what goes on in the brains of these two jokers, but their new web show ethanVSmario is pretty entertaining. We took the gif from their first video, but the second (which we linked to) even contains some actual snowboarding.

3. Jussi Oksanen in Frontside Double Corks from the Burton Team

According to our photo ed Jussi Oksanen is the most stylish snowboarder that ever lived. We find it hard to disagree with this sentiment after watching him put down this fine front double with such effortlessness. We could look at this all day.

From the archives: Bode Merrill in HCSC 2011 Session 3 Recap