Gif Us More: Oksanen, Swoboda and a Bikini

We’re back with yet another dump of our astonishingly popular animated snowboard GIFs. This week we are leaning a bit towards the nonsensical, but we are sure you will appreciate this.

1. Jussi Oksanen in Jackson, Sollors, Bang, Oksanen & Rencz Shred Whistler Deep Days

According to our photo editor, Jussi has been licking his face after a pow shot ever since he has been 10 years old. He’s still at it, as he is at shredding the backcountry like no other. Watch the full clip, it’s full of BC hammers!

2. Marc Swoboda in Lovelution IV FULL PART

Not only is Marc Swoboda one of the best European jibbers around, this trick was also shot during our inaugural Onboard Send-Off Session at Kitzsteinhorn. It will return this spring, so keep your eyes peeled on more smackbanging park action.

3. Ursina Haller in Protest Jokers – Mogul Madness

Yeah, we kind of had to post this as a GIF. Ursina Haller loses a mogul race and gets sprayed while stripped down to a bikini.

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