6. Forest Bailey, Nial Romanek and Will Bateman at Windells, Mt Hood

The second top to bottom run in this list takes us to Mt. Hood in Oregon, where Forest Bailey, Nial Romanek and Will Bateman take a cruisy run from the top of the Palmer chairlift, through the Windells park and public park to finish up at the Magic Mile chairlift – a total distance of over 2 miles!

This one is sort of a group top to bottom run, with the filmer flirting between the three riders the whole way down. Again, it probably won’t blow you away, but it does give a nice look at the way these riders interpret the mountain in their own way – and makes us want to go and ride at Mt. Hood really bad.

  1. vanda

    where are the girls on this list?

    1. Marine

      If you got a good run to share, share on!


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