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Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson. The kid is a big deal in snowboarding. His board control and precision is almost second to none and it as it turns out, he is also sickeningly good at skating. This is his most recent skate part shot in his hometown of Calgary and it’s pretty much as legit as these ‘snowboarders who skate’ edits come. Our buddies over at Kingpin magazine even posted it.

Oh, and did we mention that he skates regular and snowboards goofy?

  1. Kaleidoscope skateboard co.

    Hells Yeah guys!!

  2. Kaleidoscope+skateboard+co.

    Yeah guys!!

  3. Cheever

    I like the list… but I would include Shaun Palmer and Trevor Jacob.

  4. And....

    Austen Sweetin

  5. hey

    FREDRIK AUSTBO. The one you have a Picture of on this article……

  6. i am snowboarding

    What about me?… Shaun White


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