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Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens

If we had the opportunity to spend a day in Scott Stevens’ head we’d jump at it like an infant jumps at his mama’s titty for a warm, yummy brew. The guy’s a creative force on his snowboard and he’s no different on the ol’ skateboard either.

He also happens to KILL IT on a tramp skate.

  1. Kaleidoscope skateboard co.

    Hells Yeah guys!!

  2. Kaleidoscope+skateboard+co.

    Yeah guys!!

  3. Cheever

    I like the list… but I would include Shaun Palmer and Trevor Jacob.

  4. And....

    Austen Sweetin

  5. hey

    FREDRIK AUSTBO. The one you have a Picture of on this article……

  6. i am snowboarding

    What about me?… Shaun White


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