10.5 Professional Snowboarders who also Kill it on Skateboards

To the non-snowboarder, a statement like ‘I’m over frolicking around in warm, sunny weather… is it winter yet?’ would elicit confused looks and a billion exclamations. What these people don’t realise is that while your average Joe is scoffing his face with strawberries and cream, we spend the long summer months waiting to strap back onto our snowboards to get face-fulls of delicious fluffy powder. It just tastes far sweeter.

But despite our longing for winter, snowboarders are pretty good at making the most of those sweaty months anyway. Skateboarding and surfing are two of the closest things to snow sliding and unsurprisingly, many professional snowboarders are also incredibly handy on two trucks and four wheels.

There are far too many to ever include all of them on this list but click through for 10 and a half snowboarders who also kill it on skateboards.

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