10 Horrible Snowboard Inventions


Snowboards have changed a lot since Sherman Poppen first knocked one together for his daughters to mess around on in their garden back in the 60s. Soon after, brands like Burton and Sims rushed to dream up the most innovative snowboards that they could and snowboard design accelerated.

The snowboards we see today are the result of over 40 years of gradual improvement – adding new features and leaving behind the ones that didn’t quite work out. Nevertheless, a few rogue inventors have tried to shake things up over the years with some hilarious and/or horrible results. One day, they’ll hopefully clock onto the fact that on the whole, snowboards already work pretty well as they are.

Here are ten snowboard inventions that were probably best left on the cutting room floor…

  1. clive

    You forgot that shit awful adidas 3 stripe outerwear. I’d rather share the slopes with dickheads on sailboards than with chavs #keepchavsoutofsnowboarding

    1. Amerleigh

      Dude I so agree, not keen on Adidas in Snowboarding

  2. Alberto

    the 8 is not so bad

  3. Rosco Griffy

    Man I am so glad dual boards came first… They suck so bad

  4. kderentz

    Hahahaha …. the commentary on that video is even worst then the product. They even use a Chiro as their doc as they cant get a MD bahahaha

  5. itsch

    i want to see a boardslide with nr1

  6. Rosco Griffy

    You know what I forgot about though.. and I’m almost disappointed that this didn’t make it into the list:

    A snowboard, with a brake…

  7. Cullen Fleming

    7: Ya Have fun skiing in snowboard boots

  8. choco

    This is not a bad concept at all and they work for some, just a bunch of doubters and followers in the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXmSuRoCa94

  9. BennyBoy

    Sporks rule!!!

  10. Pivit

    HAH! Horrible? #9 Really? Are you that bored or lack anything more creative to do? I didn’t even look thru your entire list here but what’s horrible about an individuals product that works for his personal style and preference and actually achieves the desired result? Ignorance is people not in the know, like someone who has never tried a product but calls it dumb, like whoever wrote this article. #9 may seem horrible for you, someone who has never ridden them and clearly does not understand the body mechanics and physics involved like someone who has tested it for multiple seasons! So in all fairness it may be appropriate to put a picture of your face in the list as dumb or horrible as well, right? Let’s be fair, YOU DON’T KNOW. I DO!! They work for me dude or dudette, that was the main intention, it’s something for me and that’s all that matters! I mean hey, it is your opinion, we all have ‘em but you may actually want to ride them first and gain some actual intelligence about the design, the body mechanics and physics involved before you blabber ignorance about implied hurting of ankles or knees. Keep up the great journalism! Here’s a fact for you though: I’ve never heard anyone yell horrible about my style on the hill while riding them, poking airs so hard my knee hits the board! I’ve heard quite the opposite yelled at me many times, stuff like SICK!! Why? because I tweaked my air style on snow so much further than anyone they had ever seen before. That’s fact.

    Look at the Horrible style of #9. Total crap huh? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151765056596955&set=a.10150989412256955.467392.139989186954&type=1&theater

    Now try writing an article about 10 snowboard concepts or inventions that may progress snowboarding.


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