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Win Standard Films' 2112 on DVD or Blu-Ray

Win Standard Films' 2112 on DVD or Blu-Ray

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

We’ve got a bunch of DVD and Blu-Ray copies of Standard Films’ latest movie, 2112, and we want to give them to you. Check out how you can win…

The movie’s worth owning for Fredi Kalbermatten’s part alone, but there’s a bunch more heavy riding from the likes of Nils Arvidsson, Ethan Morgan and Xavier De Le Rue that’ll get you hyped. Standard sent us a box full of 2112 – 10 DVD and 5 Blu-Ray – and seeing as we’re feeling generous we’ve decided to let you have at them.

All you need enter is drop a message in the comments below stating the version you’d like to win – DVD or Blu-Ray – and make sure you ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS when doing so. Winners will be picked at random and we’ll ship ’em the movie to enjoy at their leisure. ***COMP CLOSES NOVEMBER 16 2012***


  1. KT

    DVD for sure.

  2. James

    Digital Video Disc for that bad boy please?! : D

  3. Paolo Pirozzi


  4. Andy Kubica

    Video Cassette or Beta Max. If you run out of those formats you could just throw me a DVD. PEACE

  5. astacia fillner


  6. Robin


  7. Guillaume

    Aieaieaie je le veux ce dvd allez les dudes!

  8. GUILLOUX Mathias

    Blu-Ray for me, better on a 57″ plasma screen!!!

  9. Johnny

    Blu Ray

  10. Nic

    I’d take one of them DVDs if you’d just be so kind… thanks, sirs!

  11. Andreas

    Hit me up with a Blu Ray guys!

  12. Csenii

    dvd please :))

  13. Adi

    dvd please ;D

  14. Stefanie

    All about the Blu-Ray!

  15. RG

    DVD please.

  16. Pablo Infantes

    Standard DVD 2112…….Please…

  17. PK

    Blu-Ray plz..

  18. JimmyGumble

    Blu-Ray please and thank you.

  19. Thomas

    blue-ray please

  20. Francesco Mazzone

    Blu-ray would be SWEAT!

    1. Francesco Mazzone

      More like SWEET LOL

  21. Ian

    DVD would be rather tasty please!

  22. Ben Ward

    I would like a DVD please! Thank you!

  23. MattiaBerti

    Blue ray 4 shure

  24. Tobi

    DVD of course :)

  25. Bart Van de Graaf

    DVD please

  26. Jodi Woodhouse

    DVD for me – that would be awesome!

  27. Maggie Dekking

    2112 DVD please! :-)

  28. Evan

    Can’t wait for this !

  29. Amanda

    Let it snow!! DVD please!

  30. NIxon Oo

    give it to me and i will watch this often film in the summer , then i think : why the fuck i torture myselfe , its june .
    sry for my bad english . i m a german guy ^^

  31. Luis Cortiñas

    DVD,when will it start snowing hear in spain….

  32. Dan Owens


  33. Dennis v roosmalen

    Nice DvD very stoked

  34. Josh Achtemeier

    A DVD would be dawwwp please! Thank you.

  35. Mati_E

    DVD thank you.

  36. Maja


  37. Gus E

    I would like one 2112 DVD and some snow pease! so i can oute stand this F**king skool stuff… Thank You!

  38. miara ophelie

    yessssssss trop bon svp svp svp en dvd pour une seance cine avec ma fille

  39. A-Lachs

    Hey onboard,
    aus Germany Gruß an euch. Die DVD wäre mir das größte. Lets SHRED!

  40. Isa Lanza

    I don’t know if the DVD it’s better than the Blue Ray ( i think that blue ray it’s better….) but I know that I want to watch the Standart Films in my TV, my Mac and my Play 3!!! thank uuuuu

    1. Tom Copsey

      It depends on what player you have. Blu-Ray is higher quality, but chances are it can’t be played on your Mac/regular DVD player. However, I guess ‘Play 3′ means Playstation 3? If so, then Blu-Ray is what you should drop another comment asking for.

  41. August Jonsson

    Vhs or dvd please. Would you give a young fellow the time of his life?

  42. Sander

    2112 DVD pleeease :)

  43. Andy Clarke

    DVD to poor for that fancy blue ray

  44. Jason Smoker

    dvd please

  45. James

    Blue ray please !!

  46. Kerenza

    DVD please , Thankyou

  47. Jonathan Marshall

    I would Luurve a DVD please Onboard people :) … Thankyou Please

  48. Seb

    I don’t know what’s a blue ray!!
    So a dvd should be a good idea!!!

  49. Phil

    Blu-Ray, pls.

  50. Paul

    dvd would brighten up the week. Salut.

  51. Gerard

    Blu-ray please!

  52. Julien

    Blue Ray !

    Thanks !

  53. Damien

    blue ray


  54. Scott Davenport

    DVD all the way

  55. MD

    BLU-RAY ^_^

  56. Isaburb

    blu-ray for sure! :)

  57. gendreau manfred

    Yep! You are really generous!! Thank you for the DVD!!!

  58. jemma george

    DVD please 😀

  59. you74

    all right, i’v got all videotapes, all DVD’s since the beginning, please send me gift in DVD only.

  60. tom kingsnorth

    dvd please or even someone recording it from a video camera from a premier- just want to see it haha

  61. Jeremy Dps

    Should be awesome movie. Like TB20. like Black winter, like the storming.
    And always a source of new artist’s listening. I remember The first time i discovered Pretty lights. It was on the torstein part of the storming ! Can’t wait for this good shake of ride and music !

  62. Karlis


  63. jake

    DVD please, student house so can’t afford fancy blue disc player :(

  64. Marc

    of course the Blu-Ray please^^

  65. floriane

    j’ai hate de voir se film moi qui habite dans le sud je n’atend qu’une chose d’aller au snow mais se film me fera un peut patienter jespere que je pourrais avoir un DVD Merci bisous a toute l’équipe

  66. Nico

    Blu-Ray would be great to start the winter!

  67. Kari Anne

    blueray!! :)

  68. Nadine

    Would love to get a DVD 😀

  69. John Heerey

    DVD please – keepin’ it OldSchool :)

  70. Philipp

    DVD would be great

  71. Stefan Zigic

    DVD pwease

  72. Sam Reijnen

    DVD i wanna win this thing!:D

  73. Silvo

    I’ll feel the pain of a DVD throwed to my face!

  74. thomas


  75. olivier

    blu ray for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  76. CARNEAU Elodie

    Blu Ray please, I got a big screen!!!

  77. LONG M'BEPE Maxime


  78. Abba

    Dream about Blueray

  79. lemartegal

    Please dvd or bluray…I prefer bluray but i will be happy to have dvd too. Thanks and have a nice season

  80. Richard King

    Blu-ray please!

  81. matteo

    dvdpʌp ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ǝsɐǝldplease!!!!!!!!

  82. Nikola

    DVD would be great. :)

  83. Yvan

    Blu-ray or DVD, what you want !!!

  84. Jonathan davies


  85. Scott Amos

    De Le Rue in Blu-Ray S’il vous plait!!!

  86. Cristian Ferrer

    DVD! Awesome! 😀

  87. Sam

    Bluray please guys, would love to say this is the first ever bluray I got and watched on my new player!

  88. Tomas

    DVD,pls..really can’t wait to watch this, thanks:)

  89. Keiron

    Dvd would be awesome :)

  90. Dan Arnold

    DVD please :-)

  91. Pedro Pinheiro

    Blu-Ray please 😀

  92. Stanimira Karadocheva

    DVD please, it will be great for winter inspiration :)
    Greetings from BULGARIA!

  93. Anton Weiß

    so, then i would take a blu-ray version. you know because of my (parents) big-ass-full-hd-what-ever TV

  94. tom hovell

    DVD please boss

  95. Andreas Hosennen

    DVD please!

  96. Natasha Chan


  97. Lewis Hopkins


  98. Stephanie Thomas

    DVD pretty please :)

  99. Justin McLean

    Blu Ray please :)

  100. Teddy Metzler


  101. Alex Dev

    DVD 😀

  102. Ben Howells

    DVD would be sweet!

  103. Andrew

    blu ray

  104. Ivo M.

    DVD, please!

    ps seen the teaser – awsome

  105. Jeremy Dps

    let’s see this new video from standard and try this winter. and maybe stay a little bit at hospital !

  106. Rena


  107. Herbi

    blu ray

  108. Pezi

    blu ray for me please!

  109. marius




  111. j4ck86

    dvd, thanks

  112. Edgar Lanting

    DVD of this reel of awesomeness please!

  113. imir2580

    blu-ray. I should see it in best Q.

  114. Dungster

    BaBoom! DVD please

  115. Richard

    Bluray pleeeease!

  116. Aaron

    dvd please:D

  117. Iker Korta Lasarte

    dvd, please


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