Win Halldor Helgason’s Signed WSC Bib

Win this and Coach Thunder's orders will be 'Don't do what Halldor did!'

This kid’s the nuts and, should it be up your street, you can now have a pop at winning Halldor Helgason’s unicorn blood-stained World Snowboarding Championships contest bib. Get involved…

Sadly the recent WSC was not to be for Icelandic buck Halldor Helgason. Not totally unexpected, truth be told, as he’ll tell you himself that he’s just as likely to come in dead last as he is to come first in contests. Unfortunately it was the latter this time for HH, and despite Coach Thunder’s instructions to “Don’t do what the Norwegians did,” he in fact did just that and even went one step further by spannering his ankle going all Lobster flip on the last hit.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and so while Halldor was chilling in Monaco, sipping on Martinis and having his ankle attended to by topless midgets we snuck in and nabbed his bib. We’re gonna give it away to you ’cause you love it. Answer this to enter…


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