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Win Coal Headwear!

Win Coal Headwear!

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey


Our friends at Coal Headwear shipped us a bunch of hats, and as the Christmas markets have just kicked off here in our hood we decided it was only fair to offer them out to you guys to win. It’s not rocket science: get involved.

To enter, just drop us a comment below letting us know which one you’d like (L to R: orange cap, grey bobble, red bobble, black bobble, khaki beanie or black beanie), and make sure you fill in the email address field so we can contact you if you’ve won. We’ll pick a winner next Thursday, December 6 and drop the winners an email to get your deets. Good luck…

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  1. Mati_E

    Black Beanie !

  2. olivier

    i wou’d like the red bobble please…… for my ear

  3. Beau

    Black Beanie… Please!

  4. Isaburb

    orange cap

  5. Tinu

    Black beanie, you know it…

  6. Phil

    the orange cap is pretty nice

  7. Andrew Halliwell

    black beanie

  8. James

    Black Bobble please

  9. Keren

    I would love the black bobble hat please guys , thankyou

  10. Nikola

    black beanie

  11. keats

    grey bobble

  12. James

    Khaki beanie please? : )

  13. Pete

    black beanie

  14. Graeme

    Black bobble please!

  15. Yacintha

    The Red Bobble because I want a warm melon. Warm melon is a happy melon.

  16. Leigh Cousins

    Orange Cap

  17. Franc

    I would love the black beanie please guys , thank you

  18. Pywai

    The black beanie looks cool ! Why not ?!

  19. Gavin Lawrence

    Grey bobble would be delightful!

  20. Alex

    black bobble
    please :)

  21. Alex Patch

    Id like a Khaki Beanie! Thanks 😀 Need a new hat for when I hit the slopes!

  22. marius

    Orange cap and black beanie

  23. Martin

    Black beanie please so I can pull it over my face and ambush some skiers on my way down the mountain lol

  24. DVG

    Red Bobble please

  25. Anu

    orange cap!

  26. Deborah

    grey bobble, awesomeness!!!

  27. ultimateweevil

    Red bobble please

  28. ao

    black is the colour! black beanie!

  29. Julien

    Black beanie please !
    (Snow is here… :-) Enjoy your winter !)

  30. Grzegorz

    Khaki beanie

  31. Elise

    Red Bobble plz!!

  32. Kasper

    Grey bobble please, wearing this one while snowboarding would give me another bobble.

  33. Anton

    50 Shades of the Grey Bobble for me

  34. keith

    black beanie please

    1. Sandy

      If he has good neck control this shdulon’t be a concern at all. Bouncing and jumping is completely fine. Most babies love to jump, my son was a jumpaholic from 6 months to 10 months. Actually jumping is what helps their leg muscles develop for walking. So help that little man jump away. What I understand about shaken baby syndrome, it that is isn’t caused by just jumping or movement of that sort. It is violent thrusting of the babies head and neck, back and forth. Everyday movement such as jumping and boucning isn’t going to cause Shaken Baby syndrome in a healthy 7 1/2 month old.

  35. Addy

    Black bobble please!!

  36. Amanda

    Black beanie (or touque as well call them) please!

  37. Marc

    Black bobble please!

  38. david

    i would like that orange cap.

  39. tom hovell

    black bobble cheers :)

  40. Pedro Pinheiro

    grey bobble please

  41. mark

    grey bobble please. my ears are freezing!

  42. Jan De Schaepdrijver

    The Grey Bobble please, because it has got just too much style!
    It reminds me of the old snow screens on the tv.

  43. mick elson

    im bald! grey bobble would sort that out thank you very much..

  44. mary

    i want that grey bobble as a gift for my boyfriend

  45. bbigor

    khaki beanie. cool :)

  46. pliok

    grey bobble WWHOOHOO :)

  47. Alina

    grey bobble, Please! :)

  48. gendreau manfred

    the Simpson’s Cap! D’oh!

  49. Claude

    grey bobble. pls.

  50. Pedro

    Hey guys, a black beanie would be great !

  51. Keren

    black bobble please , thanks

  52. Jorge II

    Orange cap pretty please.

  53. Caimin

    I’d luv a coal hat wit a bobble hats got to have a bobble to be cool..??

  54. pia

    the red bobble, arr!

  55. Dave

    the beige one! thatlooks fly!!

  56. Pcosta

    khaki beanie please. i like it :)

  57. Meneses

    They are all sick !!! but black bobble seems to be the one 😉 thank you

  58. Tobias

    Black beanie

  59. Andy Clarke

    Black Bobble, please my head is cold.

  60. Kevin

    Black beanie please. Snowing just now and need something to keep my noggin warm.


  61. Stefan Zigic

    black bobble please

  62. Tobi

    Red bobble rulez!!

  63. Thomas

    the orange cap please :)

  64. Vanessa Jerónimo

    orange cap please!

  65. Louis Andrews

    Please can i have the Orange Cap? Merry Christmas Onboard!

  66. Alex Baró

    The Red Bobble is cool, but the Orange Cap is more than cool.
    The Grey Bobble is nice, but get a look to the Red Bobble, it’s pretty fine. Oh good, let me think it again, all this beanies are just insane! I can’t decide, what if the Khaki beanie will be mine! Ok, the Black Bobble is too much for me, so let me choose the Black Beanie!
    (Seriously, I prefer the Black Beanie)

  67. Keren

    black bobble pretty please

  68. Keren

    black bobble would be awesome thanks

  69. Carambar

    grey bobble plz, i lost my last in my last session.

  70. eddie

    Black Beanie! \../

  71. federico ultimini

    The red bobble please :)

  72. Alan

    That Black Bobble is siiiick! Be perfect for smashing apres in!

  73. Giuseppe

    black beanie

  74. Robert Burnett

    Black Beanie

  75. claudio

    black beanie

  76. Phil

    Grey bobble

  77. Gregor

    Black Bobble…stylish!!!

  78. Kristen

    All of them? Haha!
    The black beanie is pretty epic! (I lie, they all are!)

  79. giulia

    grey bobble please

  80. Lenna

    Black beanie!

  81. Laura

    Black Bobble please :)

  82. Joel

    Both black beanies on the bottom left and right. they both have that new vintage look and I like the leather coal patch on the side.

  83. jake

    Grey Bobble Please.

  84. kris

    black beanie

  85. flex

    Khaki Beanie

  86. Caje

    Black beanie

  87. jackson

    grey + black

  88. basti

    black beanie

  89. Adi

    black beanie please;)

  90. Lara

    khaki beanie!

  91. Aaron

    red bobble

  92. Joeleyy

    the grey bobble would go great with my collection, thank you very much pleeeease

  93. Tom Gill

    Black beanie please!

  94. Ian Hadley

    Red bobble, black bobble, any bobble!! :-)

  95. Iker Korta Lasarte

    Black beanie ! Cheers guys.

  96. Balint Fabry

    Black beanie…

  97. Jón Ruben Robinson

    Black and grey one looks awesomeeeeeee

  98. Bradley culpepper

    Black beanie


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