The Onboard Oktoberfest 2013 – 16 Days, 16 Chances to Win!

Today’s prize is a real banger: A Drake DF2 snowboard! Enter now and you could slide around on a brand new shred stick! The Drake team loves it, and we’re sure you will, too!


This board is a pure Twin Tip freestyle beast to be tamed. And at the same time it makes the park your business! With camber sections under your feet for power and pop, and rocker between the bindings to give you a loose and nutty ride, the Triple Rocker profile is made for a forgiving, park-hitting ride. From heavy-metal rails to massive kickers, you’ve got the power and playfulness only the DF2 can deliver. The tip to tail Carbon Rods increase board response and provides ultra pop energy that you can spend to punish creepy kickers or punk rails and rough boxes. All these features make the DF2 the overwhelming choice of the world’s best park-jibbing riders. No one can put you out of your business.

More information on the Drake website!

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