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Win the Dakine Eric Jackson Promodels - 25 September 2013

Win the Dakine Eric Jackson Promodels - 25 September 2013

onboard AD-OCTOBERFEST-logoShould you ever try to steal a stein from the Oktoberfest, you need to make sure that the backpack you’re hiding it in is big enough. With the Team Mission Eric Jackson model you won’t have a problem getting past the security guys. It also doubles as a great riding pack, and Dakine throws in a pair of E-Jack’s pro model gloves as well. Enter now to win this rad combo!



The brawny strength of E-Jack’s Team Mission Pack is only surpassed by its knack for sniffing out stacked pillow lines. With features to spare, carry backcountry essentials, laptop computer and beard grooming kit, or what ever you want to bring with you. You shouldn’t have problems with 25 litres. And the rugged Pocahontas style definitely will draw everyone’s attention to you.


Same style, even more features offer you the Eric Jackson gloves. Guaranteed waterproofing  and breathability with the Gore Tex® and Xtrafit product technology. With a 360g wool lining, 170g Primaloft® Insulation and a stretchy fit cuff closure they’ll keep you warm and cosy. Also the shell fabric with its durable water repellent leather and a 4-way stretch soft shell helps keep all the bothersome water and frost outside.

More information on the Dakine website.

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  1. Paul-Edgar Montanari

    There is no competition here

  2. Horatiu Randasu

    Where can we find the winners of the gloves?:D

  3. wdumon

    damn, would be nice to win the GNU board!

  4. Ray

    What a awesome comp … The Gnu would be great to win but I would be stoked to win any of the prizes …….. Fingers crossed …..

  5. Steven Thawley

    want it soooo bad

  6. Tim Smith

    I would love to win something. Anything and I would be happy.

  7. Ray

    Wow Bataleon and Switchback combo …. They would look so sweet on me …… I need new gear so much this season ……. Just need to buy some boots ….. Great comp with great prizes . Will be lots of very happy winners out there … Kudos

  8. Martin


  9. Thomas

    where can you see who won?

  10. jay

    what would i do,with a gnu?
    trade a first born or or eat poo corn
    ditch the bride and have a sick ride
    who knows,maybe the pros
    until then
    pants of cream one can dream

  11. Art Reijns

    This is a sweet set up! tested some bataleon boards (with the no high back switchbacks) last year and I was pretty stoked! Do you believe Bataleon actually comes from Holland? A land with no mountains at all!!

  12. PHTHC

    where are the winners?

  13. Isaac Negrié Gil

    Where we can see the winner list?


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