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Dragon X Onboard Design Contest 2013

Way back in 2009 we buddied up with our bros at Dragon to launch our first collab design contest, unaware of the deluge of raw creative talent it was about to unleash. Five years and hundreds of mindblowing designs later the contest has gone from strength to strength, and we’re stoked to be hosting the competition again this season.

This year, Dragon are letting you run wild with their wildly popular new NFX model. Based on the ‘frameless’ technology of the APX, this offers up a cylindrical lens that’s easy as hell to interchange the less on and gives you epic peripheral vision with a comfy fit and a unique look. Luke Mitrani was feeling it, as he says: “The NFX felt really good on the mountain and the way you can change out lenses so quickly is perfect for me when I am riding and the conditions change.”

To enter simply follow the simple steps below:

1. Download the NFX design template here

2. Create your custom artwork on the strap

3. Email your design to, including your name in the file name. If your submission is over a couple of megabytes please create a .pdf preview and send that. Make sure you include your full name and contact details in the mail you attach your design to, and title your entry Dragon Design Contest 2013/14.

4. Your artwork will be judged by the Onboard Crew & Dragon team riders and the design that stokes us out most will be notified as the winner and will receive 10 pairs of their self-designed goggles once they have been produced for the 2015 line.

*** CONTEST RUNS DECEMBER 1st 2013 – MARCH 1st 2014 ***

Go get creative!!

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