Wanna be my slave?

If you have finished your A levels (in Germany we call it “Abitur” in France it´s “le bac”) or are still studying and want to look into the work of a snowboarding magazine, please send us your application. It would be great if you have already gathered some experience in writing or at least are very much motivated in becoming a journalist/ filmer/ photographer in action sports. What we can offer you? Unfortunately no money but fame, working with the whole Onboard crew (editor in chief, English editor, French editor, German editor, photo editor), going to snowboarding events, writing for the mag and the website, filming, etc…

If you feel like this is what you really want to do and if you don´t mind showing up here at 9.30 a.m. every morning, just send me an email with your CV and a short conclusion of why you want to work for Onboard –

P.S.: I guarantee you that you don´t have to make coffee – we have a great coffee machine on which you only have to press one button!

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