There’s no weather…

“There’s no weather…” That’s what Jonas Hagström said going down the mountain today. That gives you a good picture of what’s going on, I think. It’s not horribly cold, it’s not a storm, it’s not snow, it’s not sunshine. It’s wet and dark, and it’s there, or maybe not even. Anyway we had a good time hanging out here in Meiringen, at the Nitro house. Those guys have a sweet set up. But unfortunately, today was pretty much the only shooting day we could have, even with two over motivated riders: Jonas Hagström and Patrick Huber. The guys had shaped a few things on the mountain, waiting for a window of clear sky, or a bit more snow. And all we got was rain. Even that didn’t get Patrick down, who decided to hit the corner of the local park as hard as he humanly could. That’s it for now, back to the Nitro house. But no worries, we’ll be back soon in this sick Swiss valley! Pray for snow…

Patrick going pretty big on the corner jump.

See that dark cloud? That’s what we got later.

Jonas, cookin’ & slashin’