SnowBroader Spring Tour – Second Stop – Kaunertal & Spring Classics – The Set Up

The massive park action in the Kaunertal just good started! Kaunertal glacier is goint to welcome you again to the Spring Classics 2010. And this is already for the seventh time! The Schneestern crew proved again that they are masters in what they are doing. Park is F*****G AWESOME…

Superpipe 150m


1. Obstacle

  • Up & Down Rainbow 12m / T-Pro
  • Up & Down Rail Gap 8m

2. Obstacle

  • Butterbox Snow 5x8m
  • Jib-Bounce-Tonne
  • C-Down-Box 9m
  • Kicker Transfer at the C-Box

3. Obstacle

  • Jump to Downbox / 16m
  • Spine
  • Jibtonne
  • HighRail / Industrial Pipe 5m

4. Obsatcle

  • Jibspine
  • Scoop
  • Bonktree
  • Rainbowbox
  • Wallride

5. Obstacle

  • Picknick table
  • Funbox 8m

6. Obstacle

  • Stiffy
  • Funbox 8m

7. Obstacle

  • Corner with Shrek

Medium Line

  • Flatbox 8m
  • Small Kickerline with 3 Jumps 8m
  • Kids Kickerline with 2 Jumps 5m

Pro Line

  • 13m Kinked-Step Box
  • 9m Down Rail

Big Kickerline with 4 Jumps

  • 12,5m and 10,0m
  • 17,5m and 15,5m

Massive Kicker

  • 25m Roller Kicker

So I don’t know what are you waiting. Park is empty and perfectly shaped. Need anymore reason you fools??? Come and shred it!!!

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