Seniors Pipe Qualifiers Completed At Burton European Open

Conditions look like winter now, which is nice. It was clearer at the top and the pipe was perfect. Photo AR

Well, what to say about today? The weather finally kinda cleared up this morning and the cloud and fog were thankfully absent from the pipe, so obviously all the photographers were virtually circle jerking at the possibility of bagging some shots with a bit of blue sky in. They must have got a bunch, too, as there was some semi-inducing riding from a fair few folk, both known and unknown, for them to snap at. Like big, hungry black-clad crocodiles.

Junior senior Eisuke Sugiura was hooning it again and made the cut for tomorrow’s semis. Photo Burton

Rather than try to crib the highlights out of the 200 or so shreds, we’ll just leave it at that for today as tomorrow’s when things get interesting. Nothing to do with slacking off and sneaking a few powder turns, honest…

Miikka Hast. Photo Burton

Qualified Riders by Heat

Men Session 1 Heat 1

  • – Mitchell Brown NZE
  • – Xaver Hoffmann GER
  • – Olivier Gittler FRA
  • – Martin Cernik CZE
  • – Thomas Ruegg SUI
  • – Henning Marthinsen NOR
  • – Davide Buvoli SUI

Men Session 1 Heat 2

  • – Sergio Berger SUI
  • – Markus Malin FIN
  • – Dolf Van der Wal NED
  • – Ben Kilner GBR
  • – Stephan Maurer SUI
  • – Dan Wakeham GBR
  • – Therry Brunner SUI
  • – Gianluca Buvoli SUI

Sara Conrad was doing the business in the women’s heats. Photo AR

Men Session 2 Heat 1

  • – Crispin Lipscomb CAN
  • – Kim-Rune Hansen NOR
  • – Tore Holvik NOR
  • – Eisuke Sugiura JPN
  • – Dani Costandache SUI
  • – Philipp Strauss GER
  • – Valerian Ducourtil FRA
  • – Stefano Munari ITA

Men Session 2 Heat 2

  • – Roger Kleivdal NOR
  • – Daniel Friberg SUI
  • – Andrew Burton AUS
  • – Miikka Hast FIN
  • – Rolf Feldmann SUI
  • – Jah Daniel Harris NZE
  • – Gian-Luca Cavigelli SUI
  • – Sam Cullum GBR

Holly Crawford and blue sky at last. Photographers, get your wangers out. Photo AR

Women Session 1

  • – Sarah Conrad CAN
  • – Anne Sophie Pellisssier FRA
  • – Andrea Schuler SUI
  • – Anna Barbla Carl SUI
  • – Akiko Miwa JPN
  • – Conny Bleicher GER
  • – Emilie Aubry SUI
  • – Thea Stenshagen NOR

Women Session 2

  • – Mirabelle Thovex FRA
  • – Kendall Brown NZE
  • – Holly Crawford AUS
  • – Lisa Wiik NOR
  • – Helene Nadig SUI
  • – Meri Peltonen FIN
  • – Nadja Purtschert SUI
  • – Rita Comi ITA

Akiko Miwa. Photo AR

We’ll find out tomorrow who’ll be still in there for Saturday’s pipe final. That shit’s gonna be live on TV in some places and they’re also doing a cyberwebnetcast thingy live too. More details on Ain’t the internet great?

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