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Rome Snowboards Any Means Premiere

Rome Snowboards Any Means Premiere

Tom Copsey Tom Copsey

Last night was Rome Snowboards’ premiere of Any Means in Munich and so we’re all feeling a bit like we been beaten round the head with the hangover stick. It was pretty fun, the movie’s well worth getting your hands on and not so ‘rock-n-roll-get-pissed-destroy’ as i thought it was gonna be, which is a good thing in my humble opinion. Good balance of killer backcountry sickness and creative urban shred.

When Youri’s brain starts working again up we’ll get some photos a gwaan.

I’m going for a coffee. And shortly it will be beer o’clock. hooray. Have a nice weekend.

Ok, few hours later now, but the shots are ready:


Rock! Yeah! I like

Sarah from Rome, and friend

Eric from Rome and the man with three faces

Booze. Evil. Look, it doesn’t even care about gravity!


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