We told you our Bro Jim from Pulp68 in Geneva was up to something….Remember the “You can’t kill the pig!” skate deck? 😉
Well that was just a teaser…

A few weeks ago he told us something was cooking in Switzerland with Romain De Marchi, DCP and JP Solberg the original Un-Inc crew. Jim gathered the guys around him for a new snowboard brand project! The definitive name has not been chosen yet even though there is a short list and from what Jim told us yesterday, the guys might ask you to vote to choose the definitive one through their up-coming website.
For now Jim has just created a very limited edition of decks designed by himself and proudly claiming the most famous sentence of the winter: YES WE CAN!
As you can see on the pic above, Romain and JP are already riding this babies in the Alps just fresh out of the production line.
Don’t worry we’ll try to come with more infos on the next steps in this new exiting adventure so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile click to see a diaporama of the making of a board that carries a lot of HOPE!

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