Oxbow makes party!

In this early May, the Longboard World Tour, presented by Oxbow, made a stop in Anglet. For the whole week, spectators on the beach des Cavaliers could enjoy some old school moves, which was for me also pretty fun to watch: some kind of 70s Californian vibe was going on. To be honest I’m not a longboard surfing specialist, but those guys made it look quite cool and innovative actually! But the real place to be was on Wednesday. Oxbow rented a sick house on the beach in order to:
– Launch a brand new Oxbow perfume
– Celebrate the success of their Longboard event
– Offer all their friends large amounts of champagne
And to my point of view, they succeed in pretty much every aspect of it…
Big up to Oxbow, and to our host Alex Ponot for a great party, and good luck with the rest of the WLT, and the perfume of course!

Pacome Allouis, Tom (Surf Europe), and the two fragranced perfume.

Enjoying the beach life and the champagne.

Pacome and our host Alex Ponot from Oxbow.

And of course, a flamming dancefloor, until late.