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Kids Snowboard Day 13th March 2010 - Sign up now!

Kids Snowboard Day 13th March 2010 - Sign up now!

Blue Tomato

The second event on the 19th of December 2009 was a huge success! The next Kids Snowboard Day is coming up soon on the 13th of March, and once again, it’s FREE for all kids!
At the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai, the Blue Tomato Teamriders will teach the kids some helpful tips and tricks, there will be free beginners lessons and rental equipment, as well as “learn to ride” test material by Burton, before we finish the day off with a goodie-bag giveaway at the Blue Tomato Shop in Schladming.

Interested? Read all about the second Kids Snowboard Day on the 19th of December here
You can sign up until the 11th of March – just send an e-mail to julia.winslow@blue-tomato.com or call +433687/242 23 19. To join in the fun 13th of March, meet us at the Blue Tomato Shop in Schladming at 9 AM.

See you there!

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