Float Movie Premiere in Munich

That was indeed a happy crowd that rassembled under the wide screen of Mia Club to watch the Premiere of the girl movie ‘Float’. To be honest I didn’t really watch it myself, I was way to busy taking pictures… of pretty much everybody. Silvia Mittermüller was there too to promote the video she’s featuring, as well as the whole Chicas shop crew (onyl girls shop in Munich, check their website) and of course your devoted (to party) Onboard crew. Some images of what went down at the premiere AND at the party that followed…

Crowd (and Sami t.) watching Float

Silvia Mittermüller and the recurrent face of my blogs. But who’s that man?

The happy Chicas crew

French rider Bruno Rivoire recons girls ROCK!

The barmaids “love snowbording” too!