Euro Snow Searchers

Hi everybody!

We are a bunch of snow hungry shredheads from Austria and France. Sick and tired of the conditions in good ol´europe, we hooked up for a road trip to north america the next two weeks. Our crew consists of Martin ‘Rasi’ Rasinger, Lukas Draxler, Laurent ‘General’ Gougain, Johannes Peter, Wolfgang Weiskopf and Andreas Amplatz. On the trip lots of riders, like Paavo Tikkannen and some riders from the Wild Cats, Endeavor crew and Ästhetiker crew will be joining us for our mission to find some pow-pow spots, get sweet rides, have a wicked time and most important keep you up to date with fresh pictures and video clips from our little adventures.

Following a good mate of mine, that once told me you shall never plan a trip to the fullest as you will never experience the soul of travelling, we decided to travel with mobile homes that will keep us flexible and only be led by the riding conditions. We will be starting off in Seattle, as this area was well covered in snow this winter. To get comfortable we are first heading for the legendary banked slalom in mount baker with Paavo Tikkannen, a few hours drive from Seattle.

If that sounds interesting to you it´s easiest to follow our road trip by subscribing to the RSS Feed, that will keep you up to date about our latest experiences and you can also subscribe to our Podcast, giving you some of the latest footage from the trip.



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