Chris Kightley on Saas-Fee down days

Dawn. Great time of day; shame it happens so early.

So today was fun, did a lot. Well, woke up at 6.30am and then at 6.45 we got told that the slope was shut so after getting up at so early I couldn’t get back to sleep so went had breakfast then we spent the whole day having fun playing games.

We played football which was ace; everybody joined in and we had a proper good team. Didn’t win but still it was loads of fun. After that we went to play crazy golf, woo woo! Was SO FUN! I won, of course. Everybody was stoked, the weather was good, the green was sweet, par was far off with everyone getting 7 over par on every hole…

After all that fun we went on the luge, which is a toboggan that takes you up the mountain then you slide all the way back down really fast on a track, and at times it’s scary because it’s right by the edge, so hard on the brakes… Well, after that we went for a skate at the local park which rounded off the day pretty good as I’m not that good at skating and learned a lot from the team riders. Was well stoked!

Other than that I’m looking forward to a sick day on the hill tomorrow, gonna do some slashes…