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When I came home to Germany at the end of August, I moved into a new place there. Where I had lived before I had knew no one in my neighbourhood and even though rent was cheap it kinda sucked to live there. I finally found an affordable appartment in my home neighbourhood and so I renovated and moved all my shit there. So that was my summer. I got done right on time for my first snowboard contest that I organized.

Battle Of The Babes

Close to where I grew up they started building indoor snow domes a few years back. Neuss is my favorite – my friend Dado runs their snowshop, they always have a good jib-park up, no liftline, speed-quad… good fun for a little summer session on snow.

I always wanna take the snow from inside though and move it outside. I finally did – together with a big, supersmooth kinkbox, a wallride, a drop-in ramp and 20 snowboard-fanatic girls that usually ride indoors.

The scenery for the Battle of the Babes

Nikita threw down for us to have a BBQ and keg out there, along with some H2O and sick outerwear as prizes. Other prizes came from Ogio, Deeluxe, Osiris, Nixon, Dragon. Thanks guys! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – bluebird all day and the girls were really stoked to be shredding outdoors. Instead of another lame contest we played a game of skate – probably the longest one ever – 5 hours.

Vera knows what she’s doing and is checking the obstacles very thouroughly…

Here are the winners:

1. Mandy Longbroek – Niederlande
2. Andrea Lucht – Deutschland
Laurence Destrooper – Belgien
Elke Cogghe – Belgien
3. Pia Gaertner – Deutschland

…to make sure the girls can rock it big time!

Iceland – NIKITA Outerwear shoot

The day after our Babe Battle I flew out to Reykjavik for the Nikita Outerwear Photoshoot. Always nice to see the girls after the summer break: Julia Baumgartner (AT), Maribeth Swettkoff (US), Magalis Dubois (CAN), Clair Bidez (US), and Gabby Maiden (US). It’s gonna be a very funny catalogue but thats all I can say. We went to one of my favourite parts in Iceland – the southeast of the island.

The town Skaftafell, which is about the same size as its corresponding dot on an Icelandic map, borders Europe’s largest glacier – Vatnajoekull. If you go for a run out the back of the hotel you can run to the glacier tongue and back. You run on these black lava rocks through the mossy, moon-like landscape, it is a bit foggy out from the glacier and you smell the old ice. I came by this glacier lake and five black swans flew off to the soundtrack of my ipod…

After the shooting we had the whole weekend in Reykjavik, which was hosting the Iceland Airwaves Festival right then. This is one of the funnest festivals with some really good musicians and I was so stoked that we got to be in Iceland for this. Of course we went out both days pretty big – especially because it was Maribeth’s birthday!! I slept the whole flight back.


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Catching up

Catching up

Haven’t been blogging that much lately. Summer time should not be spent in front of a computer, even though it actually did most of the time anyway…

So what happened?

Anyone heard of a music mag called Metal Hammer? Anyone heard of their yearly award event that they hold in London? Since this perticular event is the biggest in europe in its kind and well visited by many of my musical heroes, it’s been a dream for me to go there. In june Skullcandy marketing manager Erik Abrahamsson called me and wanted me to join this event since SkullCandy was presenting the award “the album of the year”. Tough decision? HELL NO!

It turned out to be the highlight of the summer. We were partying back stage with everyone that was there: Kerry King, Kat von D, Biff Byford, Max Cavalera and many more. 5 bands played live: In flames, Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica, Disturbed and Testament. London sure rocks!!!

Our personal ass kisser Luis, Slayer’s Kerry King and a tiny Swedish headbanger.

Testament received “The album of the year” presented by SkullCandy.

Just a couple of weeks after this event I went to shoot the West Coast Riot and Metaltown festivals. Three days of working and boozing in scandinavias metal capital – Gothenburg. The performances were super with highlights like Flogging Molly, Nifelheim, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and of course Gothenburg´s own In Flames ending up the festival with a huuuuuge pyro show worth of €35 000! Swedens biggest metal export definitely showed everybody that they deserve it! Afterwards I thanked singer Anders Fridén for the outstanding performance and he humbly replied “Well, we do what we can…” Thanks again Erik for a fantastic event!

Vortex of Dimmu Borgir.

One of my favourite bands Nifelheim. More evil than Lex Luthor.

Happy Swede on the left, Satanic Norwegian rocker Shagrat of Dimmu Borgir on the right.

In Flames rounding up their fantastic show.

A month ago or so Iron Maiden entered Stockholm and I of course went to see them. They were supposed to do a complete tour with only hits from the 80:s! (except Fear of the dark which came out 92 I think). Even though Bruce had a sore throat and therefore had problem with the higher notes, the show was wonderful and even though the guys are getting old they sure play tight!

Iron Maiden with a huge backdrop.

Of course this blog has nothing to do with snowboard except that Satyricon had an Anon sticker on their keyboard… Even if you’re love winter or worship the summer sun we’re getting closer to fall which means colder and wetter and sooner than you think the snow will begin falling…

But until then I’ll keep on pumping you with bullshit boiling over from my ever so busy mind :-)

Music tip: Behemoth – Slaves shall serve (SICK intro from polish metal veterans Behemoth)


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Nike 6.0 Primary Colours.