I have been camping out in the truck here in Whistler. It is really cool because I just wake up at the spots that we go filming at and get the best parking spot.

For showers I go to the Health Club here whose hottub and sauna make up for their low-pressure showers. My boardbag is chained to the truck, covered by a tarp because of every-day-precipitation and locked up – after my cleptomanic experience last month I am taking no risk in getting my shit stolen.

The sledding up here is insane. The terrain is huge and there are so many spots to go do lines at or build jumps. It has been kind of warm but you can ride your sled up to higher altitudes, into untouched, lonesome valleys with perfect snow. I am having some of my best times up here.
My sled is running pisser and I havent even gotten stuck at all yet. I have already put a whole lot of miles on it since I have gotten up here on saturday.

Filming is going great too. Action speaks louder than words so I am gonna shut up right here and keep on living the dream…

Pictures coming soon…