Blue Tomato Teamriders rocked a special obstacle on the Dachstein

On the 14th of July the Blue Toamto Teamriders Flo Galler and Roli Scharmer and a few other riders from the QParks team rocked a multi-cube obstacle on the Dachstein glacier.

The obstacle was actually made for filming works of “Die Bergwacht” by German TV (ARD/ZDF). However, after the filming was over the QParks team prepared the obstacle a bit and made it ready to ride.

„All the riders pushed it hard and had a lot of fun. Wallrides, gap jumps, waterslides, gap to box transfers and all at once, it was just really cool to shoot. One of the funniest sessions in a long time for sure“ says Simon van Hal, who shot the pictures…

Click here to find some awesome pics…

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