Blue Tomato Team at Atomic Superpark Dachstein Summer 09!

Blue tomato team riders enjoying the summer at the Atomic-Super-Park Dachstein!

Its the end of the season and the bluetomato-team spends a
lot of days at the glacier. Enjoying the long Season at the
Atomic-Superpark Dachstein. They pull some sweet combos
on the rainbow box, the down rail and the famous double kinked rail.

photo:flo galler by simon van hal

And also having a lot of airtime.

photo:herby thaler by daniel ausweger
photo: fränki wörndl by daniel ausweger
photo: herby thaler by daniel ausweger

photo: roli scharmer by daniel ausweger

photo: dominik wagner by simon van hal
photo: vanessa waldenhofer by simon van hal
photo: matthias weißenbacher by daniel ausweger

Watch the bluetomato team:

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